Unique Modern Simple Gate Design Ideas For Small Houses (2024)

A gate contributes to the aesthetic elegance of a house with a sense of security and visual appeal. A vibrant and well-designed gate not only enhances the appearance of the house but also imparts a strong fence of protection to the dwellers. Simple gate designs for the houses can transform their entire look and reflect the personality of the residents.

Gates should be made using strong material to withstand the fluctuating weather conditions like heat, rain, winds, etc. for many years. Gates can be made usually with Aluminium, Wood, Iron, etc.

The flats in Calicut also adopt various stylish patterns for simple gate design and engage in decorative patterns that make them look more eye-catching with an aesthetic background.

One major advantage of the well-maintained gates is that they can retain the quality and can be handled easily with paintings once in a year or so.

Are you in search of some cool gate designs to make your houses or flats amazing in the eyes of your visitors? Let’s check out and explore the top gate designs and some tips to look for while implementing your favorite gate design.

Main gate designs and trends

For any home, the main gate design should be welcoming. In addition to providing security, the main gate design and the doors interpret the character of the house, regardless of whether it is about independent houses, flats, or apartments.

A simple gate design with stainless steel gives an excellent finish to your house exteriors. The iron gates with patterns, color combinations, and selected carvings are the best main gate design ideas the residents can go for.

The modern gate design trends for homes involve simple and minimalistic designs. Just like options for landscaping Kerala homes, the gate designs have also been significant with advanced patterns.

A simple iron gate design is also an amazing idea for your homes. The modern gate designs are the new real estate trends that include blends of grill patterns and brick wall patterns with terracotta colors. Even a sliding front gate can offer a stylish appeal to the houses.

Materials you can choose for gate designs

Every gate design is different from each other and requires various materials to give an authentic finish. The main gate grill designs evolved from iron, steel, aluminum, or brass. The iron main gate design can be used for elaborative designs. Both cast and wrought iron are used to make grill designs.

The aluminum grills are lightweight, strong, and durable with great resistance to weather fluctuations. You can get the main gate grill designs powder-coated with various colors. But Aluminium is not ideal to be used in coastal areas, since it can cause discoloration of the paint used.

Steel gate designs are usually maintenance-free and strong; they don’t rust easily since they are coated with Chromium Oxide for an elegant finish. Mild steel is powerful when compared to wrought iron. For rust-resistance features, cast iron is the best option, followed by mild steel. Brass grills are another addition to the durability and resistance to rust.

You may pick the ideal main gate design from the above picks to decide on the overall styling of your home exteriors, with the ideal blend and color. Let’s discuss the top front gate designs for the houses.

Top Front gate designs for houses

Here are the front gate designs that can make your houses look neat and pleasing to you and the visitors.

1. Folding pattern main gate design

Unique Modern Simple Gate Design Ideas For Small Houses (1)

Folding gate patterns are the ideal designs for homes, apartments, flats, or even bungalows with certain space constraints in the front yard. You can choose metal or wood for the design with multiple doors linked using hinges. This is a low-cost simple gate design that can be suitable for small houses.

2. Main gate with floral design

The gate designs with floral patterns could be made with small to big motifs using different varieties. These designs can be painted using colorful hues. The small gate design can be made vivid with antique finishes, laser-cut floral patterns, creeper style, or abstract print shapes with welding, based on the material for the simple gate design instead of making it an isolated object.

3. Sliding gate design

This design includes a gate that glides along a rail, which is fixed on the ground. They are the best options when you need an optimization of the available space, and enable the movement in the horizontal flow. It can be accompanied either by manual or automated sliding systems. You can use these gate designs for small houses or sleek gate designs. This is a simple gate design Kerala adopts for many of the independent houses and villas.

4. Spanish-model Vintage gate design

The Spanish model entrance gate designs impart both style and security to the residents. They have coal-fired grills which are hammered to a specific design inspired by Spanish culture. They are made from wrought iron, and usually involve highly decorated main gate designs for the exterior. The gate design also has scrolls, spear toppers, and ball castings to offer a simple style with crossbars. The peculiar combinations for these gate designs are golden and black colors.

5. Artistic gate design

Unique Modern Simple Gate Design Ideas For Small Houses (2)

The gate designs can be decorated using custom coatings and gorgeous intricate design styles with different motifs such as Lotus, Ganesha, Warli designs, Sun, Ornamental designs, Geometric patterns, and laser-cut designs. You can choose the style to match the theme of the home and make any artistic elegance with creative designs too.

6. The partly designed main gate

The half-grilled or half-wooden gate designs are exquisite and heart-welcoming. This main gate style can be designed with metal jaali in amazing designs like honeycomb, spiral, classic wave, etc. on only the above half of the door. For the bottom half of the gate, you can choose a plain metal sheet, glass, wood panel, or wooden design that looks trendy while ensuring privacy. You can also choose the glass panel with modernized geometric designs or floral carvings to design the gates. Try out the strained or frosted glass to implement a style quotient with utmost privacy.

7. Moroccan style main gate design

Moroccan-inspired shapes can be fabricated with metallic bars to develop mesh-like and floral patterns. The design gives a notion of both geometric and modern fabrication finishes, while the metal inlay work would be intricate. You can try out Moorish designs with a blend of brown, yellow, and blue for the main gate designs.

8. Vintage main gate design

Unique Modern Simple Gate Design Ideas For Small Houses (3)

Just like the saying ‘Old is gold’, love for vintage never gets outdated. Hence brass doors and the grill gates will never lose their importance. They have been the most popular designs since the Victorian ages due to the elegance, luxury, and top-notch security they offer. They involve various finishes like gunmetal brass, polished brass, anodized brass, and standard brass.

9. Stainless steel gate design

The main gate seems modern and classy with the steel gate design. The gate design involves decorations and fancy patterns to make the ornamental gates and enhance their appearance. You can perform steel gate design with vertical and horizontal bars and also use a painted finish with laser-cut designs. Based on the house style, try using decorative steel designs with fancy motifs. These gates are the favorite choices for low-cost interior design homes in Kerala.

10. Metal mesh gate design

Unique Modern Simple Gate Design Ideas For Small Houses (4)

If you need your main gate to be durable and safe without blocking the views, then the metal mesh is the best option. They can be painted with colors like blue beige, black, brown, white, etc. Recognize what goes well with a white background and what doesn’t. The popular materials used for this design are galvanized, powder-coated, and stainless steel or Aluminium. You can also decorate them using geometric grillwork to protect the house from insect attacks with a resistive medium for gates.

Colour combination guide for the main gate

The major colors used for the gate designs are gold, silver, black, brown, white, blue, red, etc. Use a core color combination that can suit your home’s exterior design structure and walls. Use printed wall art background in the exteriors for magnifying the gate finishes. Coat the gates using metal primer, remember to clear the rust before you apply the metal paint.

Select a paint that goes with the metal you use in making the gate. Alkyd paints and oil-based paints are ideal for gates made with wrought iron, due to the water resistance they offer. When using the galvanized metal grill gate designs, you can stay away from the oil-based primers and oil-based paints.

Try using acrylic primers that can glue to the galvanized surfaces. Metal gates should be maintained and painted at certain intervals to prevent the peeling or rusting of the paints.

When you search for the low-cost house construction methods in Kerala, it is ideal to search and find out your house gate designs along with the color you wish to use for it.

Wrap Up

The above designs are based on the popularity and the security considerations that the gate designs offer to the residents. Hence, make sure that you utilize high-quality and sturdy material for your main gate design. Here are some tips to make sure you are on the right path while implementing the gate design.

  • Decide on the color combination and the type of gate design to be used based on available space, house exteriors, type of the house, etc.
  • Consider the home interior while choosing the main gate design. Think about the protection of small children and your pets to reduce the gaps between the gates and stay safe.
  • Let the design of the safety gate match the style of your main door to remain trendy.
  • Use high-quality latches, locks, handles, and hinges. Use a doorbell security camera, alarm, spikes, or electric fencing to improve security.
  • Frequently lubricate the locks and latches of gates, to stay away from rust.
  • Use eco-friendly construction methods like green landscapes and gardens to make your gate designs look glossy.
  • Use an insect net behind the gates, to keep pests and insects away.

To choose the best gate design, consider all the above points and check which design suits your requirements. Now secure your homes and keep up the dignity you behold with the new-style gate designs to make your houses and flats look simply beautiful.

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Unique Modern Simple Gate Design Ideas For Small Houses (2024)


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