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Zillow Group’s foundation of trust is powering our next chapter: to build a seamless transaction experience for every customer.

Our Brands & Businesses

In addition to the for-sale and rental listings on Zillow.com, Zillow Home Loans, Zillow’s affiliated lender, provides mortgage pre-approvals and financing, and Zillow Premier Agent offers support through a trusted network of real estate professionals.

Other consumer brands include Trulia, StreetEasy and HotPads.

Our Brands and Businesses (1)

Our Real Estate Software

ShowingTime+ and our other businesses provide products and services to help real estate professionals streamline their businesses and deliver elevated experiences to their customers. The ShowingTime+ technology suite includes ShowingTime, dotloop, Bridge Interactive, Listing Media Services, Listing Showcase and more.

Our Brands and Businesses (2)

Our Milestones

  1. 2005April

    Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink begin assembling a team to revolutionize the way people search and shop for homes.

  2. 2006February

    Zillow launches, attracting more than 1 million visitors within the first three days, ultimately overloading the servers and crashing the website. Two days later, Zillow welcomes its millionth visitor.

  3. 2007December

    Zillow launches Smart Search, a dynamic new version of its search system, developed to make it easier for customers to find the homes most relevant to them.

  4. 2008April

    Zillow launches Mortgage Marketplace, a free and transparent tool that allows borrowers to request anonymous and hassle-free mortgage loan quotes from lenders directly through Zillow.

  5. 2009April

    Zillow launches the Zillow iPhone app with dynamic map technologies, delivering data on 88 million homes directly into users’ hands.

  6. December

    Zillow adds rental listings to its database, which now includes more than 90 million homes. Buyers, sellers and renters can now search for both homes for sale and rental homes on Zillow.

  7. 2010April

    Steve Jobs shows off Zillow on the iPad during Apple’s OS 4.0 event.

  8. September

    Zillow’s first CEO, Rich Barton, becomes executive chair of the board, and Spencer Rascoff becomes CEO of Zillow.

  9. 2011January

    Zillow launches agent ratings and reviews, giving home buyers and sellers the ability to search for and find local real estate agents based on reviews from former clients.

  10. June

    Zillow adds Zestimate home valuations to more than 25 million new homes and improves Zestimate accuracy to 8.5% nationwide.

  11. July

    Zillow becomes a public company, trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “Z.”

  12. 2012April

    Zillow launches the first mobile app for rentals.

  13. November

    Zillow acquires HotPads, expanding the size of its growing rental audience and extending the reach of its marketing tools and productivity solutions for rental professionals.

  14. 2013August

    Zillow acquires StreetEasy, New York City's leading real estate marketplace.

  15. 2014March

    Zillow launches its mortgage pre-approval tool for home shoppers.

  16. 2015January

    Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff and Chief Economist Stan Humphries’ book “Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate” hits newsstands, debuting as No. 2 on The New York Times Best Sellers list.

  17. February

    Zillow acquires Trulia and announces the formation of Zillow Group, a portfolio of real estate and home-related brands.

  18. September

    Zillow unveils the Premier Agent platform.

  19. 2016June

    Zillow boosts the accuracy of the Zestimate model with an update to the algorithm, improving median error rate to 6%.

  20. December

    Zillow signs the White House Equal Pay Pledge.

  21. 2017October

    Zillow Group pledges $5 million in cash and in-kind contributions to address housing insecurity as part of the company’s first social impact program.

  22. 2018October

    Zillow begins to add Canadian listings to its mobile app and website.

  23. November

    Zillow Group acquires Mortgage Lenders of America, making it possible to finance a home directly through Zillow’s new affiliated mortgage lender.

  24. 2019February

    Rich Barton returns as CEO of Zillow Group to lead the company’s work in transforming how people move; Lloyd Frink is named executive chairman.

  25. April

    Zillow renames its affiliated lender Zillow Home Loans, allowing home shoppers the opportunity to get financing directly from a Zillow affiliate.

  26. April

    Zillow launches AI-powered 3D Home Tours across the U.S. and Canada, giving millions of home buyers and sellers access to immersive virtual home tours.

  27. August

    Zillow Group releases its inaugural Sustainability Report, which details the company’s commitment to environmental, social impact and governance practices.

  28. 2020April

    Zillow launches new digital renter tools, including a lease uploader and online signing, to help renters move during COVID-19.

  29. June

    Zillow expands fair housing advocacy, adding information about local legal protections for the LGBTQ community on all listings.

  30. July

    Zillow Group moves to the cloud (Cloud HQ) and announces that most employees will have the flexibility to work from home indefinitely.

  31. 2021January

    Zillow joins the National Association of Realtors, integrating listings from MLS databases nationwide into Zillow.com.

  32. January

    Zillow expands fair housing advocacy, adding information about local legal protections for source of income to rental listings.

  33. June

    Zillow launches Neural Zestimate, a new model to help the Zestimate better react to the housing market, improving median error rate to 6.9%.

  34. October

    Zillow Group acquires ShowingTime, the industry leader in home-touring technology.

  35. 2022February

    Zillow shares its vision for the future of home buying, selling and renting: the “housing super app.”

  36. September

    Zillow Group launches ShowingTime+ to bring together leading industry software tools in a single, streamlined brand.

  37. 2023January

    Zillow’s new AI-powered natural language search is a first in real estate.

  38. March

    Zillow launches a new selling experience, giving home sellers the choice between a cash offer from Opendoor and the option to work with a Zillow Premier Agent.

  39. 2022December

    Zillow Group acquires VRX Media to create national photographer network and elevate listing media through the ShowingTime+ brand.

  40. 2023August

    Zillow Group acquires Aryeo, a leading real estate media software platform, to join ShowingTime+ and help deliver richer home-shopping experiences.

  41. 2023December

    Zillow Group acquires Follow Up Boss, one of real estate’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems, designed to enable agents to better serve their customers and grow their businesses.

Our Brands and Businesses (2024)


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Apr 25, 2024


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