Nancy Drew PC Adventure Series (2024)

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The Nancy Drew PC Adventure Series is the main series of the Nancy Drew computer games. It is the most prominent Nancy Drew game series, being made by Her Interactive for over 20 years.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Original Series (1998 - 2015)
  • 3 Revival Series (2019 - present)
  • 4 Opening Pictures
  • 5 Official Game Logos
  • 6 References and Notes


The series is split into two different parts: Format 1 (Original Series) and Format 2 (Revival Series). This is because of the multiple differences between the Formats, and the four-year hiatus between the release of Sea of Darkness and Midnight in Salem.

Games are discontinued as they become outdated and unable to operate on many people's computers, and physical copies of the more popular games are discontinued when Her Interactive is unable to produce more; however, all of the games (besides the original first) are available for download from Her's website and many other game services.

See Interfaces for the changes in interface.

Original Series (1998 - 2015)[]

The original series began in 1998, and ended in 2015, before Her Interactive took a four-year hiatus with Midnight in Salem.

Games made beginning with Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon until Shadow at the Water's Edge had two discs - one for installation, and one for gameplay. Starting with The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, a disc did not need to be in at all in order to play a game once it was installed. Starting with The Captive Curse, the games went back to one disc.

Although the games were originally produced and released exclusively for PCs, Trail of the Twister and every game beyond that also operate on Mac. Her Interactive also has an article on their website, to help with installing older Nancy Drew games to Mac. Midnight in Salem and every game beyond that have the potential to be made available for tablets, consoles, and virtual reality platforms. Ghost of Thornton Hall is also available on tablets.

The first three games were released one year each. From 2001-2014, two games each were released one the same year. In 2015, only one game was released before the hiatus.

Certain qualities in this series include:

  • Lani Minella voicing Nancy in all thirty-two games.
  • Released mainly to the PC market (later Macs), with a few games being ported to other mediums, such as Game Boys and Wiis.
  • Her Interactive using their own game-building program, created in the late 1990s.
  • Games having a varying length and quality, with a handful of locations and 3-5 suspects.
#Game titleRelease date
1Secrets Can KillNovember 23, 1998[1]
2Stay Tuned for DangerNovember 13, 1999[2]
3Message in a Haunted MansionNovember 23, 2000
4Treasure in the Royal TowerJuly 24, 2001
5The Final SceneNovember 7, 2001
6Secret of the Scarlet HandJune 12, 2002
7Ghost Dogs of Moon LakeNovember 16, 2002
8The Haunted CarouselAugust 22, 2003
9Danger on Deception IslandOctober 3, 2003
10The Secret of Shadow RanchJuly 20, 2004
11Curse of Blackmoor ManorOctober 25, 2004
12Secret of the Old ClockJuly 19, 2005
13Last Train to Blue Moon CanyonSeptember 13, 2005
14Danger by DesignJuly 24, 2006
15The Creature of Kapu CaveOctober 12, 2006
16The White Wolf of Icicle CreekJune 7, 2007
17Legend of the Crystal SkullOctober 8, 2007
18The Phantom of VeniceJuly 11, 2008
19The Haunting of Castle MalloyOctober 16, 2008
20Ransom of the Seven ShipsJuly 14, 2009[3]
21Warnings at Waverly AcademyOctober 13, 2009
22Trail of the TwisterJune 29, 2010
-Secrets Can Kill RemasteredAugust 24, 2010
23Shadow at the Water's EdgeOctober 19, 2010
24The Captive CurseJune 28, 2011
25Alibi in AshesOctober 18, 2011
26Tomb of the Lost QueenMay 8, 2012
27The Deadly DeviceOctober 23, 2012
28Ghost of Thornton HallMay 14, 2013
29The Silent SpyOctober 22, 2013
30The Shattered MedallionMay 20, 2014
31Labyrinth of LiesOctober 14, 2014
32Sea of DarknessMay 19, 2015

Physical copies are still available on Her Interactive's website for the following games:

  • The Captive Curse (2011)
  • Alibi in Ashes (2011)
  • The Shattered Medallion (2014)

Revival Series (2019 - present)[]

In 2015, Her Interactive delayed the release of Midnight in Salem indefinitely to revamp the game series. After a four-year delay, the company (with new partners Mi'pu'mi Games and Toy Box Entertainment), Her Interactive launched Midnight in Salem in December 2019. Five years later, Her Interactive released Mystery of the Seven Keys in May 2024, now working with Room 8 Studio, Solid Bash, and Emerald Light Pictures instead.

Qualities noted in these new games include:

  • Her Interactive now producing the series with separate different developers.
  • Brittany Cox voicing Nancy Drew.
  • Being made with the Unity game engine.
  • Having potentially longer gameplay with more locations and suspects.
  • Potentially expanding the games to include mobile devices, consoles, and virtual reality.
#Game titleRelease Date
33Midnight in SalemDecember 3, 2019
34Mystery of the Seven KeysMay 7, 2024

Opening Pictures[]

Official Game Logos[]

Mostly taken directly from Steam's library files. Does not include the original Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned For Danger games since they are not available on Steam.

References and Notes[]

  1. Discontinued on August 1, 2010.
  2. Originally discontinued on November 17, 1999. Officially re-released by on August 9, 2016; only available digitally via their official website.
  3. Discontinued in July 2020.
Nancy Drew PC Adventure Series (2024)


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