All Nancy Drew games in order (2024)

Nancy is one of the most popular and beloved fictional detectives worldwide. She is not only known for her classic book series, but she also stars in plenty of movies, TV shows, and video games.

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List of all Nancy Drew games in order

The Nancy Drew games by HeR Interactive are a timeless collection of thrilling experiences. They allow the fans to step into Nancy's shoes and attempt to solve some of her most intriguing cases yet. They can interact in a dangerous, mysterious environment filled with tricky puzzles and maneuvers and truly take on the role of a full-fledged detective. Here's the ordered list of all the Nancy Drew games in the collection.

1. Secrets Can Kill

All Nancy Drew games in order (1)

The first game in the series follows Nancy as she investigates a murder in a local high school in Florida. The culprit flaunts as a vigilante, exposing others' misdeeds, but Nancy will have to dig deep to uncover the truth with plenty of suspects at hand.

2. Stay Tuned for Danger

All Nancy Drew games in order (2)

Nancy is called in to investigate a case of threatening letters that happen to be sent to a famous soap opera star of a hit drama series. She must search for clues backstage and figure out who is sending these deadly threats before they become a reality.

3. Message in a Haunted Mansion

All Nancy Drew games in order (3)

Nancy finds herself thrown into the middle of a case while she heads off to San Fransisco to help a friend renovate an old Victorian mansion. While her friend is skeptical about the presence of a territorial spirit, Nancy believes there is some other foul play involved.

4. Treasure in the Royal Tower

All Nancy Drew games in order (4)

While trapped due to a snowstorm at Wickford Castle, renovated as a Ski Resort, Nancy begins unraveling the mysterious history of the place. The castle is full of dead ends and secrets that Nancy suspects are connected to Marie Antoinette's legendary treasure, which someone doesn't want her to uncover.

5. The Final Scene

All Nancy Drew games in order (5)

One of Nancy's high school friends is kidnapped in an old historic theater, but she must race against the clock with the theater scheduled to be destroyed in three days. Finding her friend will not be easy as the theater is full of hidden passages and dark secrets.

6. Secret of the Scarlet Hand

All Nancy Drew games in order (6)

Nancy travels to Washington D.C. to take on an internship at the Beech Hill Museum. As thefts begin to occur at the Museum, with no trace of the culprit but a scarlet handprint, she realizes she will have more responsibilities as Deputy Curator than she thought.

7. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

All Nancy Drew games in order (7)

Nancy picks up a cold case after her friend purchases a cabin that once belonged to a notorious gangster. She must decipher puzzles and venture into dark woods to figure out if the legends of the ghost dogs are true or if there is foul play at hand.

8. The Haunted Carousel

All Nancy Drew games in order (8)

Nancy ventures to Jersey Shore to explore an amusem*nt park with seemingly supernatural occurrences, power turning off in the middle of the ride, equipment going missing, and the carousel turning on by itself at night.

9. Danger on Deception Island

All Nancy Drew games in order (9)

Nancy is invited to Snake Horse Harbor on a whale-sighting excursion, but she finds herself in the middle of a community dispute over an orphaned baby Orca found in the channel. When her sightseeing guide is given a threatening note and her boat is vandalized, Nancy must figure out what is going on behind the scenes.

10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch

All Nancy Drew games in order (10)

A peaceful vacation on a Ranch turns sinister when a ghostly apparition of a horse appears one night. Nancy must investigate the history of Dirk Valentine and determine if his spirit has returned to seek revenge or if some other villain is responsible for the sabotage.

11. Curse of Blackmoor Manor

All Nancy Drew games in order (11)

In Nancy's first international investigation of the series, she ventures to a fourteenth-century English manor to answer the calls of aid from Linda Penvellyn. Linda stays hidden behind thick bed curtains and refuses to leave them, and Nancy must figure out who or what she is hiding from.

12. Secret of the Old Clock

All Nancy Drew games in order (12)

Nancy is asked to visit The Lilac Inn where there is suspected foul play involved with a contested will. Though the owners of the Inn expected their kind neighbor to leave them a piece of his estate, it all goes to his ESP teacher, which makes him a prime suspect.

13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

All Nancy Drew games in order (13)

Nancy teams up with the Hardy Boys to investigate a century-old mystery aboard a luxurious train that once belonged to Jake Hurley. Jake Hurley had set out long ago during the mining mania to find treasure buried in Blue Moon Canyon but suddenly vanished without a trace, and now Nancy and the Hardy Boys must figure out the truth.

14. Danger by Design

All Nancy Drew games in order (14)

Nancy goes to Paris undercover at a prestigious fashion design studio. When the lead designer begins to act uncharacteristically, Nancy must figure out why the designer seems to hide behind a white mask and uproot the cause of the turmoil surrounding the studio.

15. The Creature of Kapu Cave

All Nancy Drew games in order (15)

Nancy heads to Hawaii, but not for a vacation. Local residents conspire that a research compound has awoken the spirit Kane 'Okala, and when Nancy arrives to assist the research team, she discovers their camp ransacked and the lead scientist missing.

16. The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

All Nancy Drew games in order (16)

Nancy travels to the Canadian Rockies to find the cause of suspicious accidents that continue to occur at Icicle Creek Lodge. Nancy soon finds the hazardous landscapes and dark secrets surrounding the lodge hide a more intense culprit behind these accidents.

17. Legend of the Crystal Skull

All Nancy Drew games in order (17)

A Crystal Skull legend to have the mystical powers to protect its owner from all death, except murder, mysteriously vanishes. Nancy heads to the owner Bruno's residence in New Orleans to find he has been killed and must track down the whereabouts of his priceless artifact.

18. The Phantom of Venice

All Nancy Drew games in order (18)

Nancy is called to Venice, Italy as a masked thief runs rampant at night, stealing valuable jewels. The Italian police have failed to catch this mysterious criminal and hope Nancy will have more luck tracking them down.

19. The Haunting of Castle Malloy

All Nancy Drew games in order (19)

Nancy ventures to the spooky Castle Malloy in Ireland where a groom vanishes before the wedding day. Nancy must investigate the mysterious and shrouded secrets looming around the castle grounds, and come face to face with a ghastly vision of a banshee.

20. Ransom of the Seven Ships

All Nancy Drew games in order (20)

Nancy's best friend, Bess, has been kidnapped, and to get her back safely, Nancy is forced to solve an age-old mystery in the Bahamas and find a lost treasure. Dangerous waters and landscapes might not be the only trouble holding her back from the truth.

21. Warnings at Waverly Academy

All Nancy Drew games in order (21)

Nancy goes undercover as a student at an ivy-league academy when a dangerous culprit puts the students at risk with harmful accidents and threats. Nancy will have to keep her identity a secret to figure out if it's the students being over-competitive or if there is another component at play.

22. Trail of the Twister

All Nancy Drew games in order (22)

Nancy joins a high-stakes competition to discover a way to predict the locations of tornado touchdowns, but the teams begin to experience harmful accidents. Nancy must figure out if it's simply the storm paying a toll on the team, or if someone is purposefully sabotaging them.

23. Shadow at Water's Edge

All Nancy Drew games in order (23)

Nancy travels all the way to Japan to investigate a traditional Japanese family ryokan that is rumored to be haunted by a vengeful spirit. However, Nancy suspects there is something more sinister happening behind the scenes in an attempt to scare away the guests and owners.

24. The Captive Curse

All Nancy Drew games in order (24)

After sightings of a creature in Germany, a legend of centuries ago to have ravaged the land and murdered a poor woman, Nancy must travel over to investigate things for herself. She will have to piece together the legends and prove the truth before she meets the same untimely demise.

25. Alibi in Ashes

All Nancy Drew games in order (25)

When Nancy is accused of a terrible crime after a local contest in River Heights leads to arson, she will need to figure out the true criminal behind the accusations and prove her own innocence with the help of her friends.

26. Tomb of the Lost Queen

All Nancy Drew games in order (26)

A university dig team discovers an ancient Egyptian tomb filled with long-lost wonders, but they are suddenly victims of an accident, leaving them leaderless and stranded. Nancy arrives to uncover the truth. Is the legend of the curse actually true or is someone trying to bury the evidence?

27. The Deadly Device

All Nancy Drew games in order (27)

Nancy is brought in to a high-tech lab, where a case has gone cold after a physicist vanishes into thin air, leaving no evidence behind. Nancy must unravel the mysteries of the deadly device left behind and track down the shocking culprit.

28. Ghost of Thornton Hall

All Nancy Drew games in order (28)

A soon-to-be Bride holds a bachelorette celebration sleepover at an abandoned estate, but then mysteriously vanishes. Nancy investigates the spooky house and must decide if there are supernatural aspects involved or if someone is playing twisted tricks on them.

29. The Silent Spy

All Nancy Drew games in order (29)

Nancy's mother Kate was known to be an Agent responsible for neutralizing a threat of Biochemical weapons in Scotland but tragically died in a car accident soon after. When Nancy hears news about a similar threat arising once again, she will have the chance to dig into the truth behind her mother's demise.

30. The Shattered Medallion

All Nancy Drew games in order (30)

Nancy and her best friend, George, travel to New Zealand to compete in a Reality TV contest, but when things start to go wrong, they must figure out what secrets are being concealed and who is behind the mishaps.

31. Labyrinth of Lies

All Nancy Drew games in order (31)

A museum hopes to host a much anticipated Greek event at its amphitheater, showcasing some of its valuable pieces, and the curator offers Nancy a job in assisting. When things start to go missing, Nancy must once again track down the culprit behind the thieving.

32. Sea of Darkness

All Nancy Drew games in order (32)

The ship Heerlijkheid is the beloved centerpiece of a small Icelandic town, but when the captain goes missing, Nancy is called in to piece together the mystery and locate the lost soul. It's surely no coincidence that there's also a fabled treasure chest containing priceless valuables involved. For a full guide to the game, check out our Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness Walkthrough.

33. Midnight in Salem

All Nancy Drew games in order (33)

Nancy ventures to Salem, Massachusetts where an arson case at a historic house related to the notorious Salem witch trials has the city divided. Though many residents suspect a mysterious, quiet teenager of the crime, Nancy has to figure out fact from fiction and decide whether the supernatural is actually real. Make sure to visit our Nancy Drew Midnight in Salem Walkthrough if you're playing through this one.

34. Mystery of the Seven Keys

All Nancy Drew games in order (34)

Valuable jewels have been stolen from a necklace, taking Nancy to the beautiful European city of Prague. Once she begins her investigation, it points to a wider conspiracy of historical importance. for the first time, players can choose between the classic movement system and a free-roam option that makes the game even more immersive. Check out our complete Nancy Drew Mystery of the Seven Keys Walkthrough for all the tricky puzzle solutions.

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All Nancy Drew games in order (2024)


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