10 Facts You Never Knew About Bungalow 5 Furniture (2024)

by Meadow Blu

If you’re looking for new furniture, you can’t go wrong with the Bungalow 5 brand. This eclectic furniture maker focuses on sleek and modern designs that add an elevated component to every room of the home. At Meadow Blu, you’ll find a wide range of beautiful products from Bungalow 5 Furniture. Read on for a list of 10 facts you never knew about this amazing brand so you can decide whether or not it’s the right one for you.

1. Hand Curated Pieces

One of the things that makes Bungalow 5 Furniture so unique is their use of talented and skilled craftspeople that the brand hand picks to make their furniture. These artisans are from all corners of the world, which means that each item the brand makes is truly unique. Whether you’re looking for Bungalow 5 chairs or accessories, the brand is able to make a variety of items using stunning and unusual materials to give your home a one-of-a-kind look. Every detail is carefully considered, and nothing is overlooked.

2. Meticulously Made

Products from Bungalow 5 Furniture are often hand-crafted and made with love and care. One of the brand’s most well-known characteristics is its use of hand-wrapped and hand-applied finished. From a wrapped grasscloth cabinet to a hand-hammered metal accent table, each item is carefully constructed and designed to be unique. This gives every room of your home a touch of character that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, the Bungalow 5 desk called the Hunter Deskfeatures intricately hand-applied pieces of leather to give it luxurious texture and incredible craftsmanship.

3. A Unique Philosophy

Bungalow 5 believes that furniture should pay homage to the past while featuring modern perspectives. All of the brand’s pieces are inspired by history, but they’re made for today’s modern homes. The company is constantly striving to reach for the future with new designs. Their mission statement is to bring a modern perspective to classic luxury.

4. Eyes on Perfection

When you purchase Bungalow 5 furniture, you’ll know you’re getting an exceptionally high-quality product. The company takes great pride in designing and manufacturing perfect products for the home. They carefully examine every piece from the initial design sketch to the final product, and many items are years in the making. The brand’s goal is to create stunning, durable, and glamorous home décor and furniture that will stand the test of time.

5. An American Company with Global Appeal

Although the company is based in New York City, Bungalow 5 focuses on designing unusual furnishings and accessories using materials that are sourced from around the world. The use of natural materials like grasses and leather gives each item a touch of organic appeal. With several showrooms throughout the United States, Bungalow 5 is proud to enlist the help of skilled and talented artisans from many different countries. This allows the brand to design bold, modern products that add a unique element to living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms.

6. Modern Twists on Classic Furniture

Bungalow 5 designs furniture that pays tribute to classic designs while giving them a contemporary spin. Consider Bungalow 5 chairs from the Edward collection that feature sustainably harvested Cape Lilac Mahogany wood with a hand-woven rattan back. These chairs also feature hand-cast brass sabots and arm caps, and the attention to detail makes each chair different from the next. You can also find these chairs in your preferred finish, making them customizable to suit your interior design needs.

7. Stunning Accessories for the Home

You may not know that Bungalow 5 makes more than just furniture for the home. The brand also specializes in unique accessories, mirrors, and other decorative items for every room of your home. Explore the range of accents including sculptures like The Olive Statue, featuring a poetic depiction of crossed olive branches. Sculpted in the Art Deco style reminiscent of Rockefeller Center, the sculpture features olive branches, leaves, and fruit made of iron finished in a subtle shimmering gold leaf. The sculpture rests atop a thick marble base to give it a distinctive finishing touch.

8. Where Form and Function Meet

Wile Bungalow 5 certainly focuses on finishes, materials, and design, the brand also strives to make furniture that’s functional for today’s modern households. Explore a range of products at Meadow Blu including the Gavin 1-Drawer Side Table. With its subtle and soft finish, this side table features a thick, clear glass shelf and a drawer on the bottom that’s perfect for the storage of small accessories. Thanks to its versatile design, this side table also works wonderfully in a bedroom as a nightstand, too. The Mila Oval Coffee Table was designed with the utmost attention to detail. Linen fabric, protected with a lacquered finish, is wrapped seamlessly around the form. A recessed edge conceals the base making it look as if the piece is floating inches above the ground.

9. The Brand Makes Lighting

Although known for its stunning furniture, Bungalow 5 also designs a range of beautiful lighting for the home. Shop for a unique assortment of table lamps that add color, layered lighting, and visual appeal to any room. The Formosa Lamp comes in a wide range of charming colors, making it easy to coordinate with virtually any style décor. With its pretty glazed ceramic finish, the table lamp rests atop a clear acrylic base that gives it a touch of updated, modern style. The lamp is topped with a simple, crisp, and clean burlap or linen shade capped with a matching clear acrylic finial.

10. A Myriad of Mirrors

Bungalow 5 uses many of its hand-applied techniques to make mirrors, too. Take theCaroline Mirror, for example with its soft and organic-inspired hair-on-hide frame. The designers at Bungalow 5 took a straightforward mirror shape and design, then re-imagined it by using these organic materials. Brass edging gives the mirror a contemporary finishing touch that adds a healthy dose of modern style to a living room, bedroom, or dining space for an updated element that uses true craftsmanship to make your home stand apart from the crowd.

10 Facts You Never Knew About Bungalow 5 Furniture (2024)


What is an amazing fact about furniture? ›

Fun Furniture Facts
  • At Sofas & More, we've always got furniture on the brain. ...
  • Charles Darwin invented the modern office chair. ...
  • The average person spends roughly 33% of their life in bed. ...
  • Ok Go created a commercial for a Chinese furniture company. ...
  • The most expensive armchair ever sold went for $28.3 million at auction.
Sep 17, 2023

What is Bungalow 5 called now? ›

Bungalow 5, now known as Villa & House, is known for blending classic luxury with modern perspectives.

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It has been decided after much deliberation that the average lifespan of a sofa is 2,958 days. This adds up to approximately eight years. Moreover, we also use an average sofa as a place to sit while eating a meal 13 Xs a month. That would amount to 1,261 meals over the sofa's lifetime.

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What happened to Bungalow 5? ›

SADDLE BROOK, NJ – September 21, 2022 – Originally named Bungalow 5, the high-end home furnishing and design brand Villa & House debuts a new name this season, while maintaining its commitment to meeting the highest standards of craftmanship in the industry.

Why did Bungalow 5 change their name? ›

Bungalow 5 is becoming Villa & House. The name change reflects the evolution of its products and brand vision. The home accent company's design aesthetic will not be changing, and the collections will continue to honor its brand identity, the company announced on its website. “We are very excited about our new name.

Who owns bungalow Living? ›

Founded in 2017 by Andrew Collins and Justin McCarty, the company currently has more than 3,000 housemates in thousands of homes across 16 markets.

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Sofas have been around since ancient Egyptian and Greek times, but pharaohs and upper crust Athenians weren't lounging on anything close to today's tufted sectionals with chaise storage. “Couches” consisted of sturdy wooden benches and continued as such well into the 16th century.

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Fact less Fact table does not contain any facts. Generally Fact less fact tables are used to record the events such as students attendance, attendance of participants for an Event like a Meeting.

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The word furniture comes from the French fourniture, which means equipment. In most other European languages, however, the corresponding word (German Möbel, French meuble, Spanish mueble, Italian mobile) is derived from the Latin adjective mobilis, meaning movable.

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Trees trap 50% of all the sun's energy caught by living organisms. All wood is biodegradable. Wet wood, unlike dry wood, can conduct electricity. The world's blackest wood is ebony, the world's whitest wood is holly.


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